The great equalizerWelcome to In-between the Words 

What a difficult year 2022 is turning out to be – daily reports and pictures from a devastated Ukraine, economic hardship for so many as the cost of living rises, the ongoing uncertainty of the Covid pandemic and the slow moves to address climate change.  We yearn for something more hopeful.

Here you will find words of inspiration, comfort, challenge and love.  For many years Tim has been producing poems, prayers and reflections and now they are being gathered together with reflective images by Tony, Chris and Anne.

In Between The Words offers you thoughtful, stimulating and reflective short illustrated ideas and is presented  in the spirit of shared exploration, curiosity and common purpose. Sometimes the ideas are more explicit than others but you are encouraged to relate to what you see in your own way and take from it what you find useful.

We are pleased to make the individual pieces available through this website so they can be downloaded for personal use or for public or devotional presentations. You can search via keywords or just browse the different pages that have been added every two weeks. Booklets are available to order.

If you have any special requests, wish to discuss specific commissions or want to share any feedback then please do get in touch.

It is hoped that this website will act as a library and resource  that you can return to again and again for either yourself or others whom you are working with or care about.

With all good wishes


6 Responses to Home

  1. Hannah says:

    A delicate reminder that kindness can come in the simplest of actions. Thank you Tim!

  2. Rachel Austin says:

    Keep spreading your sunshine and care – always appreciated – especially at this time – still missed by me 🙂

  3. John Seward says:

    Hi Tim
    Do you have a good between the words for the SBMC harvest newsletter I am putting together. or may I use the home you posted.
    every blessing

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