About us

Tim Carter has a keen interest in developing people’s spirituality and exploring the different ways people experience life.

He lives in Bristol and has been a trainer, facilitator, counsellor and spent the last thirty years in social work, community development, and work in the voluntary sector with children and families.

In between the words is designed to enable people to connect or re-connect with ideas, feelings and longings they have but have probably not found the language to describe or express.

By locating ideas and experiences in the every day the reader is brought into new realisations that their own spirituality can be deepened as much in the normality of life as in the exceptional and unique.

The combination of words and pictures provides a rich stimulus for the reader to identify with their thoughts on a number of levels at the same time.

chris burchChris Burch is a professional photographer based in Somerset,  travelling throughout South West England. Photography is one of her passions. She loves everything about its art; seeing the backdrops, the light and the shade, capturing the images and then the joy in the editing process. She is inspired to create beautiful images for people to keep, whether at a wedding, a portrait session, a business assignment or just for the love of it all.

TonyTony O’Callaghan spent many years within the banking sector before leaving to pursue his interests within the art, film and television industries. Since then he has been working as an artist and illustrator and been involved with a number of short films. He is currently working on concept art and pre-production for several new projects.

As Overlook Films resident Storyboard Artist, Concept Designer and Director of Photography – he believes “years as a struggling artist have led me to here, where my love of film and art combine perfectly!”

He lives in Bristol with his wife Inger and their three children where the biggest challenge is keeping up with the logistics of a busy, modern lifestyle.

Anne Topping has been involved in learning and developmentAnne T for over twenty-five years with individuals, groups and organisations.

She is particularly interested in experiential and creative ways of communicating and enabling learning and development.  She works as a consultant, facilitator, coach and photographer from her home in the Forest of Dean.

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